Advisory and consulting services aimed at maximising the customers’ return on investment

We offer a range of additional advisory and consultancy services outside our core commercially related services, which aim to ensure a client’s return on investment is maximised. By taking control and owning all aspects of a project and clearly defining the project goals, we use control processes and inhouse competence to deliver efficiency, minimise risks and ensure a project’s successful outcome.

Supplementary Services

About the services

The Arris service offer includes several analytical and wider project support rolls in areas such as time-scheduling, tools and competence geared towards increasing project and product efficiency as well as supporting project teams in forming and implementing strategies around project recovery.

With strong focus on the connection between our core services and the environmental aspects of construction, we offer a service which supplements the traditional cost management service with environmental reporting to provide our clients with the basis for making well-informed decisions throughout all stages of a project whilst having the ability to consider all key factors in regards to time, quality, cost, buildability, and sustainability.

With our team of competent professionals, we ensure that no matter how big or small the task is, it will be delivered to our clients’ satisfaction.

  • Project Management
  • Environmental Reporting & Analysis
  • Independent Advisory Services
  • Facilities Management Control and Analysis
  • Project Efficiency
  • Project Recovery

More services

We help our clients make proactive decisions to increase the efficiency of construction projects.