Maintaining and increasing value by implementing robust and project specific control procedures to manage budget and risks throughout the construction phase

During the production phase, the plan established in earlier stages is implemented. We ensure that the agreed value is delivered and that the budget follows the established plan.


About the service

Changes that occur are continuously reviewed to ensure the correct value. The calculations are updated throughout the process to reflect updated changes, such as future tenant fit-outs or revised conditions. We also take responsibility for the finances of the projects and work proactively to increase the value. Through real-time reporting and analyses of the development of the projects, our clients can make well-informed decisions.

  • Commercial Management & Controller Roll
  • Construction Cost Accountancy
  • Change Control and Management
  • Live Reporting, Dashboards and End Cost Forecasting
  • Invoice Review
  • Continuous Estimates and Budget allocations for Tenant Fit-Out/Design Options
  • Risk & Opportunity management
  • Earned-Value Management
  • Final Account Negotiations

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We help our clients make proactive decisions to increase the efficiency of construction projects.