International expertise and recognised processes adapted to meet the Nordic construction market

Arris was formed in 2017 by Kris Adam and Adrian Knapp who realised a gap in the market for providing Cost Management and Quantity Surveying services. Prior to 2017 both Adrian and Kris had delivered Cost Management on several of the Nordic countries’ most high profile and complex construction projects.

About us
Adrian Knapp and Kris Adam

The founders of Arris, Adrian Knapp och Kris Adam

With considerable experience of both international and local markets Arris are able to use the knowledge and established processes that exist internationally with adaptions to suit the Nordic market. Cost Management as a function already exists, at least in terms of certain components, but a continuous expert service from start to finish is a different offering. The goal in 2017 was and still is to consistently deliver additional value whilst fully establishing the roll of the Cost Manager as an integral role in all construction projects.

Arris today are the only consultancy in the Swedish market whose core service is Cost Management in its full capacity. We deliver our specialist services on projects of varying size, location and complexity, within both the private and public sector.

We offer

With expertise in Cost Management and Quantity Surveying, Arris utilises internationally recognised systems and ways of working, which empower our clients in making proactive and well-informed decisions to significantly improve the efficiency of construction projects. We provide our clients with tools specifically tailored to meet their individual needs. This results in improved efficiency under the pre-construction and design phase, and construction cost and risks are controlled throughout the project’s lifecycle.

A common theme in many construction projects across the Nordic markets is that clients too often fall in love with various ideas only to find out later that these ideas are unaffordable, resulting in designers regularly having to undertake significant redesign in order to meet budget constraints. This is expensive, time consuming, frustrating for all parties and unnecessary.

By creating value and control in the early project phases our team’s expertise and integrated, systematic and collaborative approach help ensure that that this expensive, time-consuming and frustrating scenario can be avoided. We help identify, challenge/prioritise problems and by owning the budget from the outset we ensure that increased value is always at the forefront and return on investment is maximised.

Our team of RICS certified consultants have considerable construction experience in both the Nordic and international markets. Feel free to get in touch so we can tell you more about our services!

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